Five Recommendations Before You Divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful events that one will go through in life. The emotional and financial strains can be overwhelming. If you are thinking about divorce, the following recommendations are practical steps to take prior to beginning proceedings which will help protect you and put you in a better position once the process begins.

  1. Gather documentary evidence about the household and professional finances before filing for divorce: Often, one party to a marriage primarily handles finances. If you are not that person, you do not want to depend on your spouse to be forthcoming about money after the two of you are adverse. Collect such information in advance. Tax forms, bills, corporate books, bank records, anything that you can gain access to you should review and copy.
  2. Plan your finances for after divorce: Before you file, make sure that you understand the marital financial situation and plan for when the household is split. Belts are always tightened during and after a divorce because you are taking one household and turning it into two. Prepare a budget.
  3. Consider Counseling or Mediation: Are you sure you want a divorce? If absolutely positive, you are not the first nor will you be the last person to get divorced. However, if you are not sure, determine if you and your spouse may wish to seek professional help to stay married. Alternatively, if you determine that divorce is the right course, consider mediating the divorce prior to beginning suit.
  4. Don’t Let Your Emotions Overwhelm Your Judgment: If you divorce, things are going to change. There is no way around that central reality. Try to realistic about what life will be like after. The marital residence may have to be sold. Children are inevitably going to split their time between households. Compromise is often more emotionally and financially prudent than fighting. Be prepared to be realistic.
  5. Trust Your Lawyer: You hired a lawyer because you wanted a professional expert to zealously represent your interests. The law protects all conversations that you have with your attorney through something called the attorney-client privilege. Accordingly, do not keep material facts hidden from your lawyer. He can help you more if he knows everything, especially facts which may at first glance seem negative for your case. More often than not, everything will come out, so you do not want your lawyer to be surprised and want to give him the opportunity to prepare your best case.


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