Patricia Rayos, Esq.


Patricia Rayos, Esq. has been working in the field of law for more than twenty years, practicing Family Law exclusively for over ten years. She graduated from Loyola Law School in the top 20% of her class. Her extensive legal background has prepared her to help families meet and overcome their legal challenges as they pertain to family law matters.

In 2014, she became a Family Law Specialist (CFLS) recognized by the California State bar. Earning this expert distinction is not easy. To obtain legal specialty certification, a lawyer must have practiced in the area of Family Law for five years. The attorney then has to complete 45 hours of continuing Legal Education, demonstrate achievement in Family Law, and garner positive feedback from practicing Family Law attorneys and judges. Finally, the attorney seeking CFLS certification must pass a second California Bar exam, tailored specifically to the practice area of Family Law. Patricia is proud to have accomplished this and to have earned Family Law Specialist certification.

She is also approved to sit as a pro-tem judge in Family Law matter. She is definitely a knowledgeable attorney who will approach clients' legal needs both realistically and with empathy.

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