Probate litigation can be stressful which involving high risk exposure and unpredictable results. Not only our attorneys provides specialized, simple yet effective advice and solutions, we also maintain a balancing of sensitivity to family relationships and an aggressive approach to litigation depends on your particular situation.

  •   Probate
  •   Probate conservatorship
  •   Probate litigation
  •   Trust and will contest

  • We have expertise in representing either plaintiffs or defendants in the state and federal courts including but not limited to the following areas:

  •   International civil litigation
  •   Fraud
  •   Debt
  •   Court appeal
  •   Arbitration and mediation
  •   Negotiation and settlement
  •   Real estate disputes
  •   Title examination
  •   Defamation and discrimination
  • Why us?
    We know you better:
    As your business counsel, we get to know your business intimately. We'll know your motivations and your business. Your constraints and your aspirations. We provide customized legal advice specific to your needs. We'll be sitting on your side of the table during your contract negotiations and business planning meetings.

    We provide your added value:
    We handle your issues from start to finish. Since legal issues are often context specific, as your legal counsel we are better positioned to give relevant advice because we see the entire legal and business issue. Not only are we trusted legal advisors, but we are called upon to assist with important business decisions and strategic business planning. The combination of legal knowledge and business experience makes for a more well-rounded advisor, helping the business avoid unnecessary liability while increasing revenue and profits.